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Best Way Websites

Crucial Questions for Small Business Owners Regarding Website Development and Internet Marketing 

Do you need a great looking website for your business that works well on all devices (including smart phones) and is easy to maintain? - so easy, even an adult can do it?

What if you could NAME YOUR PRICE and then see a website built just for your company WITH ZERO RISK to you?  What if you could decide if you want to buy it AFTER you see it?

Or how about building or maintaining your own professional website, with a super easy website builder that gives you a step by step guide?

((showing of the COMPLETED Snow Globe Videos website will be displayed in the background))

Then you're going to want to register FREE @ Best Way Websites, no Credit Card needed.

Whether you want to build your own site or get your free, no obligation, custom website demo ...

Just head on over to Best Way .. register with the link at the top.. Fill out your personal profile with basic information like your address , phone number , and email..

Then once you save it , you'll be guided to fill out your business profile.. Once you're done filling out any necessary profile information and you've saved it..

Now You will see a popup window asking you if you'd like a Free Phone Consult.

  • If you'd like to have a pro show you your free, custom website demo, tap on the YES and choose a day and time for your phone consult.

If you'd like to build your site yourself, tap NO and ...

  • You'll then be prompted to complete 8 tasks that will essentially build the core of your website.
  • (By the way, You take all of the time you want.  You don't need to pay for anything until you are ready for your site to go live.)

Best Way Websites was created for serious business owners.  Take the time to read the instructions associated with the following things.

For example..

The first task helps you setup your webpage's Universal Title while the second task prompts you to enter your website's universal keywords..

The third task sets your website's universal description..

The fourth task helps you pick a proper Theme. The themes available on Best Way Websites allow you to achieve almost any look and feel that you want.

Your fifth task will be to pick your site's background color or background image. All of the necessary resolution information is presented for you as well so you can make it look just the way you want.

The sixth and seventh task to complete involve completing your your Site's Header images that display at the top of your pages.

The 8th task allows you to set your site's Mobile Logo that will be displayed on the Upper left hand of the screen of mobile devices.

And your last task will be to set your Website's Favicon.. the little icon that shows up on the tabs of your browser to represent your webpage or brand within that tab. 

(The program also automagically resizes and optimizes this logo dozens of times for use with all of the popular social media and mobile devices, too)

(Showing the site builder page) After all of the 8 steps are completed , you'll be asked to start adding some content to your site.

The video tutorial button in the corner here will help you understand all of what you see here and you will see this button on almost every page in case you get stuck trying to figure something out.

(Clicking on add a page button)

For example , adding a page to your website is a piece of cake.. You just click this button and fill out the name of the page and it's name within the navigation menu of your site.. and hit the add page button..

(Video showing the menus on the left and me scrolling through them from time to time)

Using the menu on the left , you can add basic elements like your page headings , images , paragraphs , links , anchors , and lots more..

The Snippets tab allows you to insert marketing messages , a personal bio , products and services and more..

The form elements page allows you add things like captcha forms text fields , check boxes and radio buttons , upload fields and buttons among many other things. Then you've got plugins for things like youtube elements , photo galleries , shopping cards , Email signup forms and more..

Finally your advanced elements let you add thing such as custom HTML code , password protected sections of your site , PHP code and more.

(Showing a completed website ??)

When you're all done setting it up , you'll end up with a beautiful website that can be used to showcase your products or services..

And not only that, but you'll have a website that google can crawl easily which means more traffic coming to your site. Our builder is designed so that designing your site will not compromise it's SEO. It's free to start creating your site so register your account today.

If you need help , best way websites offers unlimited phone support..

And one of the things that really sets us apart from the rest is that we wont hold your website hostage if you decide to leave us one day.. You'll be able to take your website and relocate with no problems.

So what are you waiting for?

Head on over to and register for your free account now!